Talisman of World Vote System

Vote Daily to Talisman of World and get 10 point each vote, use this vote point to buy speical item from vote shop.

Vote Rules:

- Earn 10 points for every one Vote
- You can vote only once in a day
- No points transfer to another account.
- Item instantly send after requrest.
- ilegal software for vote get ban.
- Vote reset every day at server time.
- No return if wrong item purchase.
- No Support for vote item & point.

Vote Shop

Image Name Point Select
TOW Vote Ticket 10
Phoenix jackstraw 20
Aura of Five Elements Star (7 Days) 10
Competition Bounus Pill 5
Poison Bee (+140%) +0 320
Fantasy Sword (+140%) +0 320
Bright Emerald 40
Bright Ruby 30