Vote To Talisman of World

Vote Daily to Talisman of World and get 10 point each vote, use this vote point to buy speical item from vote shop.

Fire on Hell (Click Here)

Image Name Point Select
Nimbus 1Nos 20

Magic of Earth (Click Here)

Image Name Point Select
Nimbus 1Nos 20
Golden Magic bead(50% chance) 5
Dark Golden Magic Bead (30% chance) 5
Sky-Blue Magic Bead (10% Chance) 10
Jade-Green Magic Bead (5% Chance) 15
Platinum Magic Bead (1% Chance) 25
50K Point PVP Pill 100
100K Gold Box 100
30 Mega Coin Dust 300
Gambler's Chip (5 Pcs) 10
50 Phoenix Jackstraw 10

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  • Earn 10 points for every one Vote
  • You can vote only once in a day
  • No points transfer to another account.
  • Item instantly send after requrest.
  • Ilegal software for vote get ban.
  • Vote again after 24 hrs.
  • No return if wrong item purchase.
  • No Support for vote item & point.